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38,55 EUR*
Details Penny Black Creative Dies, Holly and Berries by Penny Black

Penny Black Creative Dies, Holly and Berries by Penny Black

34,81 EUR*
Details Penny Black Decorative Rubber Stamps, Happy Berries by Penny Black

Penny Black Decorative Rubber Stamps, Happy Berries by Penny Black

136,99 EUR*
Details Leaves and Berries Black and Green Jellybean Rug by HC

Indoor or Outdoor Rug, Machine Washable, Vibrant fade resistant color

112,30 EUR*
Details Photo Mug of Asiatic Black BEAR - eating berries by Prints Prints Prints

PHOTO MUG... You are purchasing one Photo Mug. Estimated image size 118x80mm;11oz White ceramic coffee mug. Artwork printed using sublimation ink process. Dishwasher and microwave safe;Artwork Description... MI-679Asiatic Black BEAR - eating...

23,60 EUR*

DRUCKEDies ist eine neue, qualitativ hochwertige, individuell bedruckt, Reproduktion Kunstdruck. Wir verwenden hochwertige Materialien und überlegene die neueste Drucktechnologie auf beeindruckende Produkte zu schaffen. Wir sehr zuversichtlich, dass...

19,99 EUR*
Details ""Robin on Snow Berries Branch Large 16"" Black School Laptop Shoulder Bag""

""A Very Sturdy, Large, Neat Shoulder Bag.,This Great Measures 40cm or 16"" x 27.5cm or 11"" (Closed) with a Cover Flap Area of 10"" x 14""• Made from Top Quality Black Polyester and Printable Flap Cover Material• Inside Has Many Different...

61,88 EUR*
Details Gin Kit Refill - Includes Juniper Berries & Botanical Blend by W&P

Includes: 1 tin juniper berries, 1 tin botanicals, recipe and instruction card, Ingredients: Juniper berries, coriander, rosemary, lavender, rose hips, allspice, fennel seed, lemon peel, green cardamom, Tellicherry black pepper, bay leaf, Made in USA

74,11 EUR*
Details Pressed Wood Tray Mustard Black Check Vines Berries Daily Bread Quote Country Primitive D?cor by BCD

Rectangular pressed wood tray with rustic distressed paint finish. Mustard base with black distressing, center has a checkered border and berry twigs, and stenciled give us this day our daily bread quote. 13 long and 7-1/4 wide.?Decorative use only....

4,06 EUR*
Details Indigo Blue Berries Seeds

A new and most unusual deep purple skinned cherry variety, ripening to almost black, with delectable juicy pink flesh and a delicious plum-like flavour, and also high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin. Taste testers blissfully describe the flavour...

48,37 EUR*
Details 2.5oz Fragrance Bars- Black Cherry by Langley Empire Candle

Captivating blend of floral and berries;Package contains 6 cubes;Mix with other scents to make other fragrances

4,35 EUR*
Details Goji Berry Black Pearls Seeds

Exclusive NEW release by Plant World! Yes, BLACK Goji Berries!! Jealously guarded for many years in a small area of China, these compact, long-lived bushes bear heavy, hanging branches dripping with clusters of plump, juicy, pearl-sized, sweet black...

91,95 EUR*
Details Large Single Wick Candle, Black Cherry Merlot by DW Home

Sweet berries, black grapes and hints of cherries touched with smooth caramel over smoked birch wood;Provides approx 45 hours of burning time;Approx 13oz wax fill;Made from a palm wax blend, lead free wicks, US made fragrance, in a repurposed wine bottle

82,12 EUR*
Details Miniature Pinscher Tan & Black Tea Cup Green Holiday Ornament by Conversation Concepts

""Dog figurine is approx 1.5"" - 2"" tall, Teacup is 2"" tall and 2.5"" wide., Gold tone rim on cup, gold stripe on handle, and both sides have tiny delicate pine cones, berries and leaves!, Individually packaged""

54,24 EUR*

Forest Fresh displayFOREST FRESH displayDisplay zur Hänge- oder Standpräsentation. Mit dem Haken-Displayist eine permanente Nachsortierung möglich.Sortierung je 6 Stück Vanille, Zitrone, Ocean, New Car, Anti Tabak,Apfel, Forest, Black, Berries,...

79,74 EUR*
Details Jack Russell Terrier Black & White W/smooth Coat Tea Cup Green Holiday Ornament by Conversation Concepts

""Dog figurine is approx 1.5"" - 2"" tall, Teacup is 2"" tall and 2.5"" wide., Gold tone rim on cup, gold stripe on handle, and both sides have tiny delicate pine cones, berries and leaves!, Individually packaged""

5,82 EUR*
Details Aronia Melanocarpa Seeds

This attractive American woody shrub grows most attractive white flowers with prominent pink anthers, amongst gleaming, shiny leaves, later producing large pendulous clusters of juicy black berries with very few seeds. Being resistant to all manner of...

10,45 EUR*
Details Kitchen Garden Cotton Canvas Peg Bag

Peg Bag in the Kitchen Garden Design by Gisela Graham. Made from Cotton Canvas. Dimensions: 29 x 37 x 2cm. Featuring Bumble Bees in among the flower and black berries

5,17 EUR*
Details Myrtus Communis Seeds

This upright, evergreen, bushy shrub bears profuse fragrant white flowers followed by purple-black berries and is perfect for growing in a shaded warm area. The excellent, dense, evergreen foliage consists of small lanceolate leaves which are strongly...

5,09 EUR*
Details Smilacina Stellata Seeds

The wiry, arching, rich green stems bear deep green leaves with conspicuous veining carrying masses of flowers in fragrant racemes, each with 10 to 15 white, starry blooms. After flowering, red berries striped with black ripen. This choice plant makes...

75,50 EUR*
Details ""7"" Snowball Snowman Head Christmas Decor by Transpac""

""Synthetic yarn snowman head, Fleece black hat with plaid ribbon trim and artificial pine/berries, Dusted with glitter, Great holiday accent, 7"" dia head x 10"" high""

4,65 EUR*
Details Cissus Striata Seeds

Handsome, glossy, green, maple-like leaves open on zig-zag stems. Small clusters of green flowers develop into bunches of attractive, glossy black berries. This very vigorous climber responds well to being cut back hard in spring. SOWING ADVICE: Sow...

3,68 EUR*
Details Blackberry Thornless Seeds

If you hate being scratched whilst collecting blackberries, this is the one for you. This quite amazing variation bears smooth, shiny, thorn-free stems carrying countless bunches of sweet, juicy black berries. SOWING ADVICE: Sow seeds on a good compost...

3,62 EUR*
Details Phytolacca Americana Seeds

This seed is freshly collected from plants we grew from seed we originally collected in Central Mexico. Thick stems sport large floppy leaves and spikes of small white flowers. In autumn masses of attractive, glossy, purple-black, stem-clasping berries...

3,39 EUR*
Details Berberis Hypokerina Seeds

A rare and unusual small shrub bearing unusually large, thick, shiny, holly-like leaves and masses of yellow flowers in spring, followed later by shiny black berries. SOWING ADVICE: These seeds have already been thoroughly cleaned and cold-stored for...

3,98 EUR*
Details Viburnum Tinus Seeds

Flattened heads of strongly fragrant pinkish-white flowers open above a foil of evergreen leaves from December to May. Attractive dark blue-black berries appear later, and indeed growing several in the same area will encourage a good display of these....

67,38 EUR*
Details 4 Seasons Pepper Corns Mill, 1.23 Oz (Pack 2) by Drogheria & Alimentari

Mill Peppercorns 4 Season, Mix of black, white, green peppercorns and red berries, Product of Italy, Pack of 2

5,82 EUR*
Details Cestrum Parqui Seeds

Amidst light green shiny leaves arise sprays of small, tubular, very fragrant, yellow-green flowers on the ends of the stems, flowering from late spring to autumn, and which produce clusters of small, black, egg-shaped berries during summer and autumn....

3,98 EUR*
Details Sambucus Sachalinensis Seeds

White, fragrant spring flowers give way to dazzling, pendulous clumps of pillar-box red berries, which shine with great intensity. A great improvement on our own black-fruited elder and now you can make red elderberry wine! Collected on our Russian...

3,62 EUR*
Details Actaea Spicata Seeds

In May and June attractive fuzzy heads of pure white flowers display on long stems before the black berries ripen in July and August.The flowers are hermaphrodite, having both male and female organs, and are pollinated by beetles and butterflies. The...

4,20 EUR*
Details Hypericum Albury Purple Seeds

These beautiful dusky-purple-leafed, semi-evergreen, bushy plants have an upright habit, bearing contrasting yellow flowers in mid-summer followed by ornamental clusters of berries that slowly change from pink to red to black. Excellent in cut-flower...

3,83 EUR*
Details Sambucus Nigra Seeds

This shrub or small tree can be found growing wild just about everywhere in Britain, the fragrant, flat topped, cream flower heads appear in May and June followed by the purple-black berries in September. The flowers are used to make the...

4,65 EUR*
Details Atropa Belladonna Seeds

Purple-green bell flowers, deep purple inside, hang on thick stems bearing soft leaves. Later appear the juicy black berries. But be warned, its common name is true and appropriate. It was derived from the fact that in ancient times women would put...

44,84 EUR*
Details SSW Hook Pocket Pack #4 10-Pkg. by Owner

Features include up-eye forged shank and reversed-bend point;Also excellent for baiting walleye, bass, tarpon and other inshore species;The ideal hook for baiting up roe berries for steelhead in the streams;Black chrome finish to resist saltwater...

8,03 EUR*
Details Jazz Legends - Duke Ellington (Cotton Club Stomp) (Classic Recordings Vol. 1: 1927-1931)

Cotton club stomp - Mood indigo - Rockin' in rhythm - Misty mornin' - The mooche - Ring dem bells - Three little words - Double check stomp - The blues with a feeling - Jubilee stomp - Creole love call - Harlem river quiver (Brown berries) - Black...

5,98 EUR*
Details 1180956E Auto und Haus Lufterfrischer Car Jar Karton Fruit-A-Licious 3 Duftbäume Verschiedene Dufte, Plastik, Mehrfarbig, 8.0 x 19.7 x 0.7 cm

Autoduft Bonus Pack mit 3 verschiedenen Duftnoten: 1.) Black Cherry Die absolut delikate Lieblichkeit von köstlich reifen, schwarzen Kirschen. 2.) Kiwi Berries Der herrlich süße Duft des Sommers....frisch geschnitte Kiwis, gemischt mit Heidelbeeren,...